Recovering from a Leg Injury in Denver? Choose a Knee Scooter!

There’s never a good time to be injured.

You’re remodeling your home.

You have a big project at work.

You’re moving to a new house.

Whatever the medical problem, whether your healing from an injury or surgery, whatever the conflict, you can’t reschedule an injury. It’s going to make your life a living-heck for the next few months while you recover.

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You Must Rest to Recover

And the worst thing is that your doctor is going to admonish you to take it easy while you’re trying to heal.

We once had a police officer as a customer. He could not stay off his feet, for obvious reasons. We always see that people underestimate how long their recovery is going to be because they can’t stay off of it.

Work on Your Feet?

Whether you’re a doctor, work in retail, or you have an important service job that requires you to be in a busy work environment–on your feet, running around, working with clients, it’s going to be so tempting to use your leg when you should have it resting and recovering.

Are You Recovering from a:

Leg Injury?

Ankle Injury?

Foot Injury?