Rent a Knee Scooter Instead of Suffering with Crutches

Have you ever used crutches? They stink!

3 Reasons Why You Don’t Want Crutches

  1. They hurt.
  2. They’re slow.
  3. They tempt you to walk on your recovering leg.

Already convinced?

Still on the fence? Okay, keep reading.

Crutches Hurt

Crutches are painful to use. The shoulder rest is usually quite stiff. They push themselves sharply into your armpit. Ideally, you should have your crutches set so that you’re not resting on them as you walk.

This puts the majority of the pressure on your lower arm. Unless you have the forearm of an ape, your arms are going to get tired quickly.

Crutches Are Slow

Unless you’ve been working with physical therapy for years to learn how to use crutches, you’ll find that this is a pretty challenging skill to develop. You have to improve your muscle strength to move quickly and for long periods.

Forget going shopping with a friend.

Do you have a long walk from your car to your office? Better leave early for work.

Work retail, on your feet all day? It will be hard to react to customers quickly.

There are a million reasons you haven’t even thought about, but you’ll soon discover, that makes using crutches slow, burdensome, and frustrating.

Crutches Tempt You to Put Strain on Your Leg

Your doctor is going to stress that you must stay off your recovering leg. But moving around on crutches is slow and painful—you’re going to be tempted to put weight on the leg.

This is especially true if you’re in a career where you’re on your feet a lot. Unless you stop working, take a leave of absence, and plug yourself into Netflix for a couple of months, it’s likely that you’re going to cheat, and put too much pressure on your leg.

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Knee Scooters Are the Perfect Crutch-Alternative!

Ask anyone who’s used a knee scooter! Crutches are no comparison to the mobility you’ll get on a scooter.

Crutches Are a Thing of the Past

Knee scooters are the way to go, every time. They are fast, easy to use, and provide amazing mobility around the home, out shopping, at work, and even outside in snow conditions.

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