Recovering from Surgery on your Leg in Denver? Move Around with a Knee Scooter

More and more doctors are recommending surgery for serious medical problems with your leg, foot, or ankle.

The nice thing about surgery, unlike injuries, is that you can often schedule them to fit your schedule.

LEARN about recovering from foot surgery.

Take Time to Recover

Ideally, patients will take time off from work to recover. Time in bed in front of the TV is the best plan for healing quickly and properly. But most people cannot afford to take that time off. Whether you’re concerned aboutĀ finances or just the ongoing demands of a busy life, people can’t take a couple of months to kick up their ankle on a pillow.

Are You Really Going to Use Crutches?

Historically people have chosen crutches for mobility while they recover from surgery, which if you have any experience with will know that they hurt, are slow, and don’t really get the job done.

Crutches are physically challenging. Don’t forget that your body will be recovering from surgery, which is hard on the whole body. You need lots of general rest, and time to build up strength and energy. using Crutches is not going to be convenient or easy.

Choose a Knee Scooter While Recovering from Surgery

Imagine if you could maintain the speed of getting around, staying productive, while also keeping pressure off of your leg? There is a way to do this–knee scooters are the answer.

Here in Denver, we live in a high altitude city with rugged conditions, and inclement weather, especially in the winter. Choose a knee scooter to rent with all-terrain tires that can handle rain, snow, and rocks.

Keep Your Knee Comfortable

Pain is not helpful to the healing process. Our high-quality knee scooters at Denver Knee Scooter Rentals give you optimal comfort, with well-cushioned knee rests, and tires that stay pumped and give you the riding experience you need.