Folding Knee Scooter for Rental in Denver

Many Denver residents love renting this folding knee scooter. Perfect for those in need of a knee scooter but have limited trunk space in their car. It’s also a great rental option for someone about to travel on a plane. Get a folding knee scooter for rental today!

Although this foldable knee scooter is small, it’s designed to handle taller or heavier users.

Safety on the Folding Knee Scooter

It has two small plastic wheels at the front. This scooter is not appropriate for all-terrain use. Without a tie-rod or blow-up wheels, a scooter like this works best inside an office or at home.

WARNING: Be careful using this outside in rainy or snowy conditions. It’s susceptible to slipping.

Because of the limited mobility, It has two wheels in the rear for greater stability.


Folding in Two Areas

Most knee scooters fold up when you’re about to place them in a storage area in the car. But this scooter is foldable at two locations.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebars

This folding knee scooter is designed to fit a wide variety of heights. It’s got an adjustable seat so that you can find the perfect fit height. And feel free to adjust the handlebars as well, all with quick release for easy adjustment.


Rental in Denver Today

The Knee Scooter Store has some of these beautiful folding scooters for rent today. Call us to reserve your knee scooter today.