Zuma Outback All-Terrain Knee Scooter for Rent in Denver

heavy duty knee scooterIf you’re an athletic body type recovering from an injury, this may be the right knee scooter for you. The heavy-duty Zuma Outback is the premier knee scooter for rent in Denver at The Knee Scooter Store.

These massive tires are also perfect if you know you’ll be moving around over rough, uneven, or slippery snow-laden ground. These tires are polyurethane-filled rather than the pump-up pneumatic.  You will never get a flat with the Zuma Outback.

Circumstances Perfect for the Zuma

Do you live on a dirt road?

Are you going to want to move around in a yard over grass?

Have a job that takes you outdoors a lot?

Do you have a large body-type where you’re concerned about falling over?

The Zuma Outback could be perfect for you.

Space for Storage

You’ll need a fair amount of space to store the Zuma in your vehicle. If you drive an SUV or truck, you may have enough space to store this extra large knee scooter.

Amazing Stability

This scooter doesn’t have a tie rod, but you’ll find that it doesn’t need one because the wheels are so massive. The Zuma Outback is the most stable, all-terrain knee scooter available for rental here in Denver.

The double wheels in the rear prevent your foot from hitting a moving tire.

Superior Brakes for a Knee Scooter

The Zuma Outback also has disc brakes, providing an excellent braking system compared with most other knee scooters.

Rental on the Zuma Outback Knee Scooter

If you want ideal mobility, superior brakes, and a price you can afford, consider renting the Zuma Outback here in Denver from The Knee Scooter Store.